May 17, 2013
Between the Creases
Devil: I can give you what you want. Your desires are tangible in my realm. My dear, the world can be yours.
Spectre: Won't you use those lips of yours for anything other than lies?
Devil: I will not lie to you, my lovely.
Spectre: You can't give me what I want.
Devil: I can turn illusion into reality. I am the stone that make gold of coal. My dearest, what do you desire?
Spectre: You. I want you.
Devil: Then of co...
Spectre: You sad thing. You don't even realize you're lying, do you?
Devil: I will not lie to you, my darling. I refuse to.
Spectre: I cannot have you. That's the truth.
Devil: Why do you say those things, my sweet?
Spectre: You're scattered. My love, I can't have you because you're not all there. You can't see me. Where are your eyes, my love? 'My love.' I could almost laugh at the words. You're everywhere in the world but with me. 'My love'. It feels so soft on my lips. 'My love'. My love, out of all the pieces you have left around the world, where did you leave your love for me?
Devil: I love y--
Spectre: Please. My lovely, sad, glass devil; do not lie to me again. Please.
May 13, 2013
One for One in the Morning
Sleepy Voice: Are you going to be here in the morning?
Strange Man: Why would you think otherwise?
Sleepy Voice: Can you please just answer the question?
Strange Man: I don't know. I don't mean to hurt you. I'm only being honest.
Sleepy Voice: You'll be here. I know it.
Strange Man: How do you know that?
Sleepy Voice: You're lonely, like me, and you're not going anywhere.
Strange Man: We'll see.
Sleepy Voice: You won't abandon me.
Strange Man: I hardly know you. You hardly...
Sleepy Voice: Shhh...
May 9, 2013
.///.: Do you want me to stay or not?
/.../: Does it matter anymore?
.///.: I want to stay.
/.../: Then why are you asking me?
May 3, 2013
Behind Glass
Black Suit: You always say I'm wrong. 'Tis only the weather, my darling. Why must you make it bigger? It will change again. These words will lose meaning in the wind.
Phantom: Rain versus Sun. It has always been and always will be. That is why it matters.
Phantom: Stormy and Sunny. Funny, isn't it?
Black Suit: Sun and Rain. Yes, darling, it's funny.
May 1, 2013
Streelight Whipers
Ghost: I missed you. You know that, don't you?
Man: I didn't. I didn't think you would.
Ghost: Why would you think that?
Man: [Insert laughter]
Ghost: What's so funny?
Man: I thought that you were better off without me. I figured you must have realized that. Why would you miss me?
Ghost: You made things better.
Man: Then I made things worse.
[Ghost places her left hand on Man's cheek]
Ghost: Do you think we could go back and do things over?
Man: No. Of course we can't.
Ghost: Why not?
Man: [Insert laughter, place right hand over Ghost's]
Ghost: You still laugh when you're miserable, huh?
Man: I'm not miserable.
Ghost: And you still lie when you shouldn't.
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April 24, 2013
Streetlight Heaviness
Phantom Woman: I didn't mean for all of that to happen.
Stage Actor: Neither did I.
Phantom Woman: But didn't you? Didn't you know from the start?
Stage Actor: What makes you think that?
Phantom Woman: You have the script. It's in your hands as we speak.
Stage Actor: That's true, isn't it?
[Stage Actor takes two cigarettes out from his coat]
Stage Actor: You want one?
Phantom Woman: [light laugh] You're still the same.
Stage Actor: In some respects. In others...
[Phantom Woman places the cigarette between her lips, lights it with a Bic lighter]
Phantom Woman: [exhale] I wonder about what's changed.
Stage Actor: I wouldn't know how to tell you. I only know that things are different.
Phantom Woman: You and your hollow words. Like always.
December 31, 2012

The California sun tapers off my skin into the thick air we are now breathing. There is a comforting warmth just a few hundred miles from the mountains I chilled my bones in. A phantom of blonde turns material in my arms and, for awhile, my dreams don’t weigh on my flesh. There is still bitterness in the winter winds, but now I walk together.

At last, together.

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August 8, 2012
Broken Ground in the Passenger Seat of a SUV
Eastbound Silhouette: How are you still alive?
Northbound Corpse: [Insert laughter]
Eastbound Silhouette: I'm serious.
Northbound Corpse: [Look away] I don't know how I am. I don't even want to be here.
Eastbound Silhouette: You don't want to be here?
Northbound Corpse: No. I don't want to be here, but at the same time... I want to be here, you know? Of course not. Hey, have you--
Eastbound Silhouette: [Lay finger over Corpse's lips] Shhh....
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July 1, 2012
A Year On An Airplane

I tell the lady at the ticket desk, “Just get me the first flight north.”

She asks me, “North?”

I say, “Just get me out of here, miss.”

She books me a flight to Montana.

It’s four in the morning and I am one of five people waiting for the flight. I guess Montana isn’t exactly the most popular of places. I don’t know the first thing about it. The other people don’t look very happy to be here. I wonder if it’s because of the time of day or because of the destination.

There’s probably a reason I don’t know anything about Montana.

July 1, 2012
Transposition (Concept Mix)

We’re in the apartment I’ll have in a few years, sitting at the small wooden table that I found at a garage sale a few months ago. I’ll stare at the stains in the wood as you tell me things I’m not really listening to. At that point in time, we’ll have been together for two years and four days. I’m growing restless and I think you’re starting to notice. I’m not happy and I don’t know if you are. It’s been years, but sometimes it feels like I don’t know anything about you. You feel like a stranger sitting at the table I bought by myself, the table that seldom needs that second chair across from mine. I say your name to catch your attention, but really more to feel the sound of your name on my lips. I don’t particularly like your name, but I wouldn’t want to call you anything else. You are a stranger to me sometimes, but your name, the sound of your name, reminds me that you are my lover.

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